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Human Resources & Workforce Solutions


General Human Resources Management

  • Hire a dedicated HR Manager per diem or on a Temporary Contract.

  • Your dedicated HR Manager will ensure your employees feel heard and cared for.

  • We take care of employee concerns with your company's best interest in mind.

  • We help your company stay safe and avoid employer liability, including:

    • Unemployment claims support.

    • Workers’ compensation coverage and claim resolution, work injury investigations liability insurance,  employee relations 


Onboarding Process

  • Onboard with us! We take care of your entire new hire onboarding process.

  • Offer letter preparation and Background checks.

  • i9 compliance, documentation check, company onboarding paperwork completion, orientation event, company/business tour, meet and greet.

  • We help put together your training and  development strategy.




Layoff Process

Need to part ways with an employee or is your company going through the difficult task of layoffs/RIFS?

  • Our Team can prepare  separation packages  in preparation for a major organizational restructure, RIF/ Layoffs/ Termination.

  • We take on the task of having the difficult conversations with the individual that is being separated.

  •   We conduct all exit interviews and collection of company property.

  • Termination Files Organization.

  • Personal Files Organization

Human Resources &
Workforce Solutions


HR Internal /Independent Investigations

  • We conduct Independent Investigations for Harassment, Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment


Company Culture/ Employee Engagement/ Employee Satisfaction

  • We help activate employee commitment, enthusiasm, and accountability in the ways that matter most.

  • We help develop and implement strategies aimed at creating employee awareness, understanding, commitment, and action.

  •  We help create and implement employee communication strategies aligned to well-defined business objectives.

  • We create employee engagement events that align with your companies vision and goals. 


Compensation Structure

  • Job Analysis and Evaluation

  • Benchmarking & Market Analysis

  • Compensation Strategy Development

    • Equity Study

    • Title Alignment

  • Management Strategy

  • Salary Grid Design

  • Incentive and Bonus Plan Design

  • Total Rewards Optimization

  • Communication and Training

  • Implementation Support

  • Ongoing Support and Evaluation

Learning & Development


Training & Development

  • We conduct company specific training sessions live or virtually.

  • HR Leadership Training

  • Leadership Training & Seminars

  • Complaint resolution workshops.

  • Team Building

  • Communication Skills for Managers 

  • Conflict Management & Resolution

  • Change Management 

  • Employee Performance Review Prep & Conversations

  • Microsoft Office

With extensive experience in the airline and airport operations  industry, our consulting team can help with your AO Training & Development needs.

  • Airline Ramp & Customer Service  Training.

  • Airport Ops Business Development and Consistency.

  • Specialized Airline HR Consulting.


Bar & Restaurant Training

With extensive Restaurant and Bar experience, our team can ensure your business is preforming at the highest level of service.

  • We ensure your restaurant is in compliance with all required certifications.

  • Customer Service Training

  • Steps of Service

  • Server/Bartender Training

  • Restaurant Leadership Training

Business Development Support

For every business need

Grand Opening Board

Opening Day Assistance

Opening day, week or month! We are there every step of the way.

Launching a bar, restaurant, store, supermarket, new office and need help with the opening?

We help with the:

  • Staffing process

  • Onboarding

  • Training

  • Front of House/ Back of House Organization

  • Bar Organization

  • Staging

and more...

We help build your business

Expert Guidance

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth. Please get in touch with us today to learn how The Alicea Company can help your future success.

Business Meeting
Work from Home Setup

Customer Service Solutions

We work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services to improve your  customer service practices and overall customer satisfaction scores.  Our Team does a complete deep dive review of your companies Customer Service practices and works with your leadership team in creating strategic improvement plans.

Business Consistency

Does your business have different locations or stations that should all be operating with the same level of customer service, production or process? Our team will evaluate your process, ensure there's consistency throughout the different locations and re-train or coach your employees.

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